Hate Cancer? Winers Welcome, Free Drinks Tonight

Some people say as little as one glass of wine a day increases womens risk of getting cancer. Others still find that the same behavior actually reduces the risk.

Alls I know is that thinking about phytochemicals and anti-oxidants is making me thirsty. Nothing like free drinks to kick start an attitude adjustment and forget there ever was a dispute in the first place.

Fact is, a lot of people love drinking wine and probably most of them hate cancer too. So, if you're into drinks on the house and having a smashing good time then call Erika Gaeta at 305-779-2849 or hit her at Erika.Gaeta@cancer.org and let her know you're coming to Full Bodied Wine & Spa tonight, Wednesday April 25, at 3015 Grand Ave suite 116 in The Grove.

They're having a party to celebrate the Relay For Life, a cause 3.5 million people get excited enough about to donate their time, money, and walking to. I'll drink to that.


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