Grapeland Water Park Hosts Food Drive For Thanksgiving Homeless

Just cause your cousin in Milwaukee can't swim in November doesn't mean you can't. This is Miami dammit, home of 89 degree Fall Sundays.

Grapeland Water Park (1550 NW 37 Ave) is open, and since Thanksgiving is coming up, they're also collecting canned goods for the Miami Homeless Assistance Program.

The food drive takes place the weekend of November 21.

Adults who bring three canned goods (leave the canned bads at home) get in the park for the $5 admission price of a kid. Kids who bring one can get $1 off their cost of entry.

Homeless doesn't only mean crackhead alcoholic jailbird, there are many hard-times homeless families out here struggling, especially this year. Don't forget about them this Thanksgiving.


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