Making an impression
Making an impression

Glass Envy? Reach For PETG

If you covet those tumbler beauties at Fratelli Lyon like I do (thanks for rubbing it in, Lee,) listen up.

A real case of shatterproof, reusable, recylceable -- not to mention elegant -- plastic dopplegangers awaits you, for $11.99 per 4 pack. 

The picky people policing the New York Times home section seem to agree.  And can you really trust partygoers in the summer spirit with your $15 a pop Riedels?  I didn't think so.

These babies are made of PETG, a pharmaceutical-grade plastic called glycol-modified, polyethylene terephthalate.  Yeah, the acronym comes in handy if you want to sound slick after a few drinks.  The tumblers are fun to grab onto, with an ergonomic side notch and a moat in the bottom for ease-of-swirl.

Sunset Corners Fine Wines & Spirits (8701 SW 72nd St, (305) 271-8492) tipped us off to these gems and currently has them in-stock. If you're an Internet shopper, or if they run out, Govino's own website will ship to you directly.




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