French Fry Fairy: New Miami Food Blog Makes the Fried Side a Star

Whether he likes it or not, the Burger Beast may have found a co-host for his burger awards event, The Burgies, in September.  The French Fry Fairy, Beth Swanson of South Beach, is a new specialized food blogger on the scene, and she's no small potatoes. This morning NBC 6 gave this triple F threat a shout out, and she's only been on the block a month!

But who doesn't like a fry? Since beginning her crisp quest July 14 ("Welcome to my World Filled with Rainbows, Sunshine and FRENCH FRIES!" she writes,) Swanson has tackled 19 different kinds, from Cracker Barrel to Le Bouchon du Grove, and even developed a ranking system using potatoes to assess the goods at the end of each post, accompanied by a helping of advice ("Good deeds will always come back to you tenfold."), like a positive affirmation or lesson learned on the outing.  In a gesture to local cultural diversity, this enthusiast even tried yucca fries from Versailles ("What the Heck is a Yucca?"): They received a respectable four potatoes.

Given the universal appeal of these tasty tubers, it's not surprising that the French Fry Fairy has garnered a healthy dose of comments, all positive from what we can tell, from both local and out of town readers. But the response is also deserved: the blog is well done, fun to read, and from all accounts spot-on with its appraisals thus far.

Visit Swanson at or, follow her on Twitter @frenchfryfairy, or on Facebook.


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