Food News Roundup: Super Bowl Miami, Fergie and Duhamel Do STK, Man vs. Food, Don Shula, and Dan Marino

  • Fergie from Black Eyed Peas and husband Josh Duhamel eat dinner at STK with her father for friends and family opening. [People]
  • Travel Channel's Man vs Food show to take on Shula's 48 oz steak challenge. [AllHeadlines]
  • Philadelphian recommends Bobby Flay's "Miami Burger" for a cold day. [PhillyBurbs]
  • 2007 era fast food rage Miami style. Wendy's Chili Sauce shooting incident revived in timely manner. [TheWeek]
  • Shula's and Marino's recommended eateries for Superbowl. [TheStreet]
  • Francisco Gaviña of Gaviña and Sons left Cuba for Miami, started a coffee company, and is a millionaire. [LATimes]


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