Food News Roundup - Kosher Subway, Spiked Coke, Phone Ins, Food Containers, Chi Town Fatties, and Algae

  • Did Short Order beat a Jewish paper to the Kosher Subway story. Yes. Yes we did. [ShortOrder] [JewishWeek]
  • Teacher puts tabasco in her soda, let's special needs students try it, may get tossed in the slammer. [NBCmiami]
  • Suites at Land Shark Stadium to offer technological advances, like phones you can use to order food. [SunSentinel]
  • Good news for the Port of Miami, WIL Lines secures contract for shipping 80 to 90 large containers of food and beverages a year from New York and Miami to Rotterdam. [BusinessWire]
  • Betsy Klein, a registered dietitian based in Miami, teaches Chi Town fatties how to take it easy on dessert calories. [ChicagoTribune]
  • Culinary trend mapping report finds "a new wave of ingredients, flavors and cuisines from Latin America is surging through Miami and New York, LA and San Francisco." [PRnewswire]
  • Future food prices, in addition to many, many other factors, may affect future earnings results, but Carnival Corporation still cleared over a billi in $$$ as reported in 3Q earnings. [MarketWatch]
  • W2 Energy had a meeting in Miami earlier this month. They will use their NT Plasmatron non thermal reactor to process coal "in a closed loops system, producing Synthetic Fuel, Electricity and sequestering the greenhouse gasses to produce algae. The algae then can be used as a source of oil for biodiesel producers, or as a protein source in the pet food industry." [PRnewswire]


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