Food News Roundup: Hungry People, Cuba, Hugo Chavez, Lee Schrager, and Miami Subs

  • An estimated 800,000 people in South Florida are going hungry, and food pantries are struggling to meet the demand. [SunSentinel]
  • Upcoming Miami Conference on the Caribbean features Crowley Maritime Corp, a company that ships food from Ft. Lauderdale to Cuba. [SunSentinel]
  • Venezuelan billionaire who profited heavily off government contracts by providing food products for government run Mercal stores and is now facing up to 10 years in prison was also fined $1.1 million by Miami prosecutors in connection to a bad registration for a plane used to deliver food. [WallStreetJournal]
  • Lee Brian Schrager of South Beach Wine and Food Festival fame has been promoted to Vice President, Corporate Communications and National Events for Southern Wine & Spirits of America. [Businesswire][EaterMiami]
  • Miami Subs Pizza Bar and Grill dies a quick death in Toronto, check out the paint job on the storefront. [BlogTO]


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