Food News Roundup: Cookie Diet, Fisher Island, Dollar Beers, Umami, Poker, and Baconnaise

  • The Cookie Diet, and the Miami bakery where it's from, make eating Cookie Diet cookies mainstream. [HealthJackal]
  • Now Hiring seasonal workers at Fisher Island Beach Club private island. [CBS4]
  • 2 for 1 drinks, dollar beers, appetizers, and food at The Cove in Doral for live comedy Wednesdays. [MMDnewswire]
  • "Umami tastes aren't found as separate tastes," said University of Miami research scientist Nirupa Chaudhari, a specialist in the biophysics of taste. [TheHerald.AU]
  • Miami rapper Pitbull tells CNN "the food is what makes you." [CNN]
  • The inventors of Baconnaise, and Bacon Salt linked up over drinks in Miami. [ParkRapidsEnterprise]
  • Tableside food and beverage service ate Calder poker room, opening Friday. [SunSentinel]
  • Randy Nelson, a recently hired temp priest at St. Joseph's Cathedral in Miami, said "It's really not all that different from a fast food gig." [TheOnion]
  • South Beach Wine & Food Festival tickets go on sale October 26th. [SOA]
  • Bruce Bagley, chairman of the University of Miami Graduate School of International Studies, speaks to CNN about genetically modified corn in Mexico. [CNN]


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