Food News Roundup: Benihana, Brunch, Island Foods, Sherry, Mojitos, and Picnics

  • Food and Wine calendar: Thursday through Sunday. [Herald]
  • Miami based Benihana sales slightly up first quarter. BNHNA shares closed at a 52-week high of $8 on Tuesday. [BizJournals]
  • Least creative top-ten brunch spots in Miami list ever, but probably still good, if you're into that sort of thing. [Blackbook]
  • Jamaican finance minister goes to Kendall and urges diaspora to invest in overseas markets and bring more of the island's food products to the USA. [Jamaica-Gleaner]
  • The Sherry Council of America enlists Seattle ad agency to make Sherry cool. They make a website and bring her to Miami. [Adage]
  • Fine living network calls mojito a "southern drink" and encourages you to fix it up "Miami-style." [BusinessWire]
  • A Joy Wallace Catering Production and Design Team to launch picnic division in the coming weeks. [SpecialEvents]


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