Food for Sex: Top 10 Foods to Help Get It On

Ever been on a first date, thrown a suggestive look to the person across the table, and sensuously ordered a dozen or so raw oysters? If so, you are a douche bag. But you're also aware of the critical connection between food and fornication. So if you have any desire to take the skin boat to tuna town (and you probably do), read what follows so that next time you have the opportunity, you'll know what to munch on to get your munch on.

10. Pop the cork

Make sure to pull out the cork when you're done.
Make sure to pull out the cork when you're done.
Spice via flikr

Though not a food, alcohol facilitates coitus by lowering inhibitions (see beer goggles), and the resveratrol in red wine helps dilate blood vessels -- preventing clots and increasing blood flow to the genitals. And that's good. More blood, more sensitivity, more pleasure.

9. Stab the trout

The big O-3s make salmon the right choice for game time.
The big O-3s make salmon the right choice for game time.
Laurel Fan on flikr

Or at least mackerel, wild salmon, or any fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Those O-3s will make your big Os more intense because they help your nervous system function better.


8. Bust a nut

Almonds taste good and are good for you.
Almonds taste good and are good for you.
Osvaldo Gago on Wiki Commons

Almonds and other nuts also have essential fatty acids that aid in the production of critical male hormones needed during sex. Cashews, walnuts, and peanuts (though technically a legume, not a nut) also have L-arginine, which has been shown to improve sexual function in dudes.

7. Big banana

No words needed.
No words needed.
Teejayhanton on flikr

Bananas are good sources of potassium, which helps reduce muscle cramps, which as many out-of-shape lovers know, are prone to put a crimp on good loving. They also increase energy and contain the enzyme bromelain, which is thought to reverse impotence. And no, it doesn't happen to everyone.


6. Open sesame

Plant your own sesame seeds.
Plant your own sesame seeds.
Shailesh Humbad on Wiki Commons

Read up, cougars. Consumption of sesame seeds was shown to benefit estrogen production, antioxidant status, and blood lipids, all of which add up to increased horniness in postmenopausal women, in a study conducted at National Taiwan Normal University in 2006 (no, we don't know why Normal is in the title of that university).

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