Fined Dining

Restaurant owners must remedy health-code violations before their next inspection. If a violation is considered critical to public health -- for example, if the pantry is infested with rodents -- a followup inspection may be scheduled within a week or less. Restaurants that consistently fail to correct violations are subject to fines and can even be forced to shut their doors. Fines range from $50 to $1000 for each violation, depending on the severity of the violation and whether it was later corrected. During the past two years, the following Dade County restaurants were fined $1000 or more:

Florida West Indian & American Restaurant: $3700
Domino's Pizza (8234 NW 14th St.): $2500
Domino's Pizza (5877 Ponce de Leon Blvd.): $2300
Taco Bell (555 Hialeah Dr.): $2200
Deyi Cafeteria: $2200
Cuban Restaurant & Cafe: $1900
Country Club of Coral Gables: $1900
Herbie's Restaurant and Pizzeria: $1550
La Guira Restaurant: $1550
C&W Pitstop Restaurant: $1500
The Chicken Chef: $1450
Shorty's BBQ (S. Dixie Hwy.): $1400
Brickell Place Cafe: $1300
La Roca Restaurant (2314 W. 4th Ave., Hialeah): $1300
Flanigan's Seafood Bar & Grill (Hialeah): $1250
Pan American Cafeteria: $1200
Mi Tierra: $1200
Cozzoli's Pizza (1118 S. Dixie Hwy.): $1100
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream (7501 SW 88th St.): $1100
Janjo's: $1100
Domino's Pizza (1255 W. 46th St., Hialeah): $1100
La Roca Restaurant Cafe (1666 W. 31st Pl., Hialeah): $1050
Ruby Tuesday (Dadeland): $1000
New Generation Pizza: $1000


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