Father's Day in Miami: Take Dad Out for a Drink Here

Some of Repour's ever-changing cocktails.
Some of Repour's ever-changing cocktails.
Courtesy of Repour

The great thing about Father's Day is that it usually doesn't require all the hoopla affiliated with Mother's Day for it to be a worthy celebration.

That's not to say our paternal progenitors are not less important than the other, but for the most part, dads tend for be on the chill side about their day. And what better way to spend some good old one-on-one time with the man who raised you than by treating him to some "adult drinking"? We've got the spots for a round — or two. 

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Courtesy of Taurus Beer and Whiskey House

Taurus Beer & Whiskey House 
This locals Coconut Grove gem has garnered recognition from many experts in the industry in recent years because of its extensive collection of whiskeys that you wouldn’t think to find in this cozy little tavern. It's a no-frills neighborhood bar that's the perfect setting for some much-needed bonding time with Pops. Not to mention, there's a 30 percent off Father's Day special on all whiskies, so you can splurge on that Michter's 10, 20, and cask-strength rye. 

Father's Day in Miami: Take Dad Out for a Drink HereEXPAND
Courtesy of the Regent Cocktail Club

The Regent Cocktail Club
The speakeasy vibes of the Regent are topped only by its affinity for honoring the classics with style. If your father is an old-school kind of guy, he'll find himself awash in a pre-Prohibition time warp where one can just sit back and admire the vest-wearing bartenders plying their technique in a song and dance that sways you along with it till the last drop hits your glass. They'll pour one of the bars favorite cocktails, named for and inspired by Hemingway, the Papa Doble ($14).

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Courtesy of the Bend

The Bend Liquor Lounge
If your father is a laid-back local, take him to the Bend. "Liquor in the front, party in the rear" is the motto of this restored watering hole in Miami Lakes, which was once a clandestine outpost behind a liquor store. The new owners have turned it into a retro, easygoing haunt featuring an updated craft beer and cocktail program and a daily happy hour from 5 to 8 p.m., when you can throw back $4 wells and $4 Cigar City Maduro Brown ales and Goose Island 312 tallboys. Don't be fooled by the Bend's distance from the craft cocktail hubs in Miami. Bartender Sam Wiener has competed in some of the most prestigious cocktail competitions in town and knows his way around spirits.

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