El Gran Inka's Pisco Sour Recipe

This drink's good for you because, uh, it has eggs in it.
This drink's good for you because, uh, it has eggs in it.
Photo by Riki Altman

​Want to celebrate a successful day in the kitchen? After downing some ceviche and your avocado reina with rocoto pepper aioli -- you know, that recipe we shared yesterday?--you will probably be ready for a few sips of a pisco sour. Here's Javier Angeles-Beron's version of how to make this traditional Peruvian cocktail.

Pisco Sour
Serves 4

40 ice cubes
8 oz. Peruvian pisco (ORO recommended)
4 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice
4 oz. simple syrup (Splenda, honey, agave nectar or any artificial sweetener can be substituted, but adjust amounts to taste)
2 oz. egg whites

Directions: Blend all ingredients together for about 10 seconds. Pour into frosted tumblers. Add three drops of bitters to the foam and stir lightly with a cocktail pick. The drink may separate quickly, but that's okay.

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