Ecco Pizzateca & Lounge on the Happy Hour Hunt

Ecco Pizzateca & Lounge on the Happy Hour Hunt

Pizza usually provokes images of the following: greasy deliciousness, Ninja Turtles, chain restaurant commercials, late night munchies & movie nights, or indigestion. Rarely do you  associate pizza with sexy. That concept was altered (at least locally) when Ecco Pizzateca & Lounge showed up downtown. The hip and sleekly designed pizza spot features a metal plated U-shaped bar, comfy couches, and dark wood dining tables.

The Deal: Tuesday-Saturday, 4 to 7 p.m.

All house wells and bottled beers are buy one, get one free. Wells range from $7-$9; beers range from $5-$6 and include Heineken, Corona, & Bud Light.

Be forewarned: The "gourmet" thin-crust pizzas are good but are not the portion sizes we Americans are accustomed to. One could easily eat an entire order. Prices start at $10 with the basic Margherita (mozzarella, basil, & tomato sauce) and can get as creative as the $15 Shock (spicy salami, broccoli, spinach, Parmesan, Gorgonzola cheese, & no tomato sauce). Each pizza can be ordered on white or wheat bread. The menu also includes Italian favorites like ravioli and Bolognese specialties.

Ecco Pizzateca & Lounge
168 SE 1st St., Downtown Miami


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