Eat For Education in Morningside Friday - $7 Gourmet Fundraiser

Eat For Education in Morningside Friday - $7 Gourmet Fundraiser
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The internet would have you believe print media's already dead, but soon as the power goes out, all those nerds start reaching for the newspaper.

I grabbed a copy of Coffee News while eating a Supremo sandwich at Lemoni Cafe, and found this news item that's pretty cool and doesn't seem to exist on the Internet.

Morningside Elementary School (6620 NE 5th Ave) is hosting a PTA fundraiser in their school's organic vegetable garden. Twelve restaurants such as Red Light, Anise and Buena Vista Bistro will feature menu samples in the style of the Taste-Of-MiMo event. There will also be live music and student artwork.

The event takes place April 24th from 6 to 8 p.m. and is open to the public. Cost to get in is $7 to benefit the school's PTA.

Call Amanda Fischer at 786-208-1689 for more info or email

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