Dunkin' Donuts' "Cupid's Choice" A Valentine's Day Let Down

Dunkin' Donuts' "Cupid's Choice" A Valentine's Day Let Down
John Zur

Dunkin Donuts is peddling a curious,

heart-shaped sweet. There

are two variations of the "Cupid's Choice" (99 cents each):

chocolate with a raspberry jelly filling and vanilla with a custard

filling. The latter is painted with a strawberry

frosting. The thing had a stale, dry taste that couldn't be masked by the melting strawberry frosting or annoyingly sweet custard.

Now, Short Order is all for romance, but when a company that runs 10,000 stores in 31 countries tries to get soft at heart, it gives us indigestion. We mean, last year these guys sold $7.7 billion in fatty dough and mediocre coffee. Ain't no love there. Hell, even Krispy Kreme has less cash and more love.

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