Dos Equis Brings The Most Interesting Food Truck in the World to Miami

The most interesting food truck is coming to Miami.
The most interesting food truck is coming to Miami.
Dos Equis

Sure, sure, sure...The most interesting man in the world is fluent in all languages (including three only he speaks), swims with dolphins and drinks Dos Equis. But what would he have for lunch?

We're thinking cow's tongue arepitas, alligator tail empanadas, and Venezuelan-style frog legs ... from a food truck.

Stay hungry, my friends, for the Most Interesting Mobile Academy food

truck is coming to Miami -- and serving up some interesting grub for


From September 12 to 22, the Dos Equis mobile food truck will

be visiting the streets of Miami with some truly adventurous

offerings developed by Charlis Hajjar Kabbabe of Los Chamos food truck.

Alas, no free Dos Equis will be offered to wash down your gator tail.


find out when the truck will be in your neighborhood (and to request a

visit), follow @DosEquis on Twitter. Then, prepare to chow down on one

mighty interesting (and free) lunch.

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