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Democratic Republic of Beer Opens Second Location

2 years ago by Laine Doss
Hey downtown Miami, if you're looking for a new happy hour place to grab a few brews with your crew, you'e got a new meeting place come Friday.Read also:- The DRB (Democratic Republic of Beer): Best Bottled Beer Selection 2010Democratic Republic of Beer, the small brew house with an outstanding...

Democratic Republic of Beer's Second Location Soft Opening Weekend (Photos)

2 years ago by David Minsky
Democratic Republic of Beer, Miami's late night beer and wine local featuring over 500 beers from around the world, opened its second location in three years in downtown on Friday night.Business was slow at first but intensified by 8 p.m., nearly reaching maximum occupancy by midnight. Saturday and Sunday turned...

DRB Miami is the Democratic Republic of Beer, Now Open

6 years ago by Jacob Katel
Fourteenth Street is the Janis Joplin of Downtown. She came into some money, her legs are wide open, everybody's welcome, and she's down to party. Here's a new notch in her belt. DRB Miami (255 NE 14th Street, between NE Second and Biscayne) is a bar and restaurant that just opened...

Democratic Republic of Beer Closes 14th Street Location, Expands Nearby

2 years ago by David Minsky
Democratic Republic of Beer has closed its 14th Street location. The last day open to the public was Saturday, according to the Miami Herald. Luckily, they have a second downtown location at 501 NE First Street, and will migrate there. See also: Democratic Republic of Beer's Second Location Soft Opening...

Banana Republic

23 years ago by Sue Mullin
No sooner did I master such words as fufu, the Cuban dish of mashed plantains mixed with pork rind, than I was confronted with mangu, its Dominican equivalent - except the Dominicans serve onions with mangu, and call the dish containing pork rinds mofongo. I still have a few things...
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