Dry-aged beef tenderloin with pork belly-braised spinach and crispy marinated shallots. Bet you're hungry now.
Dry-aged beef tenderloin with pork belly-braised spinach and crispy marinated shallots. Bet you're hungry now.
Photo by Riki Altman

DaSilva, Max, Balloo, Bloise, and Hedy Cook For a Cure; Sean Makes Steak

​Seems everyone has a charity they want to support, but when six of Miami's top chefs are called in to make one dinner, it's probably worth the ticket price. On Tuesday, May 17 at 7 p.m. Paula DaSilva of 1500 Degrees, Dean Max from 3030 Ocean and the new 3800 Ocean, Michael Bloise of who-knows-where-nowadays (but we still adore him), Timon Balloo from Sugarcane, and Hedy Goldsmith from Michael's Genuine will toil away in DaSilva's kitchen to prepare canapés, four courses, and desserts for crowds in support of the American Association for Cancer Research. Tickets for the dinner and reception are $150 and must be purchased in advance by calling 305-674-5594.

The impetus for the event was the passing of one of DaSilva's buddies, 45-year-old Leah Caputo, who lost an 11-year battle with breast cancer last year. The two ladies worked for the Marriott Harbor Beach Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. "I wanted to honor her life by bringing chefs, friends and family together to enjoy two of Leah's favorites--great food and wine--all while continuing to raise awareness and funds for cancer research," DaSilva stated in a press release.

Each chef is responsible for a course, starting with nine canapés from DaSilva's camp. A sneak peek at her prep list informed us she intends to serve caramelized foie gras with rhubarb chutney, sous vide sturgeon with caviar, and corn soup shooters.

Earlier this week we also met with Brasel to taste what he had in the works.

Brasel creating red wine caviar.
Brasel creating red wine caviar.
Photo by Riki Altman

New Times: With a progressive dinner like this, who decides whom is responsible for what course? Did Paula tell you what she wanted you to serve?

Sean Brasel: Dean Max jumped in with the first e-mail, then she assigned everybody else their courses.

What will you be serving?

Dry-aged beef tenderloin with red wine caviar, pork belly-braised spinach, and crispy marinated shallots.

So she made you the Fourth Course Meat Guy?

No. [Laughs]

Surely you assumed she was going to put you in charge of something cow-related...

Sometimes. That's what I'm known for. I can do fish, but I'm not known for it.

Do you have to think about complimenting everyone else's dishes?

They give you what wine they want you to pair it with. So I look for things that are going to appeal to a large crowd. Tenderloin is a pretty safe bet.

To round out the rest of the menu, Max is putting out soft shell crab, Bloise is presenting scallops and oxtail, Balloo is serving up snapper, and, obviously, Hedy's got dessert under control. Each course will be paired with wine. Now what else do you need to know? Make the call, grab a seat, and get to eating... in Caputo's honor.

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