Daphne Oz
Daphne Oz
Photo by ABC/Ida Mae Astute

Daphne Oz and Our Impression of ABC's The Chew

If you haven't heard of Daphne Oz, we're pretty sure she'll be a household name in a month or so. She's the 25-year-old author of The Dorm Room Diet and daughter of the famous Dr. Oz.

And, she's a host on ABC's newest View spin-off, The Chew, which incorporates all the bombastic lameness of The View and can be seen everyday at 1 p.m., to the fury of All My Children fans, now that it's replaced the archaic soap.

We fear The Chew is a tad too sweet to stomach, and the hosts (Mario Batali, Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall, Michael Symon, and Daphne Oz) are caricatures rather than personalities.

While Daphne Oz is a published writer, we aren't entirely convinced she

is an authority on healthy eating, despite her famous father's influence. But she does come off like a downright decent character,

so we're giving her a shot.

We wanted to like it. We really did.
We wanted to like it. We really did.
Photo by ABC/Ida Mae Astute

As far as the show goes, it's

brimming with honky-dory appeal for the stay-at-home (m)asses. There

isn't a moment where they won't cut to a smiling host or zoom in on a

shot of them laughing. It reeks of cheesiness, and we're betting

it'll have a long run.

It's just a shame a food god like Batali is

going along for the sordid ride.

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