D. Rodriguez Cuba Offers Unlimited Sangria Sunday Brunch

D. Rodriguez Cuba Offers Unlimited Sangria Sunday Brunch

Concerning the sangria: It is unlimited.

The brunch: You start with choice of appetizer: yogurt parfait; chicken empanadas; ham croquetas over tomato marmalade; shrimp ceviche; or smoked salmon on cassaba flatbread with capers, red onion, and goat cheese. What -- a schmear of cream cheese isn't good enough?

The entrée can be a salad (such as caesar with crab meat) or sandwich (chorizo pork patty on brioche? classic Cuban?). Or it can be an egg dish such as huevos rancheros or tortilla Española, or vaca frita with avocado and tomato chimichurri, or one of two sweets: Nutella crêpes or dulce de leche-drizzled French  toast.

The cost: $29

The day and time: Sundays noon to 4 p.m.  

The place: D. Rodriguez Cuba
956 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

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