Coalition Of Immokalee Workers Declare Tomato Pickers Victory in Florida

The Coalition Of Immokalee Workers, a Florida farmworkers union known for taking on the "big 4" fast food giants, winning, and garnering higher wages because of it, has just marked another milestone.

Two Florida farms that specialize in growing and selling organic produce have agreed to participate in a deal with Austin, Texas based Whole Foods that would see field workers paid a penny more on the pound for their labor.

The CIW created the program with Whole Foods two years ago, but until now no farms had stepped up to participate because the Florida Tomato Growers Exchange, the bureacratic machinations of agrobusiness evil representing most Florida tomato growers, threatened participants with $100,000 fines.

Lady Moon Farms and Alderman farms, the first two farms to participate, will see bigger checks from produce sold to Whole Foods and pass that raise down to their workers.

Find out more about the Coalition of Immokalee Workers at


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