Christmas at Sam Wo

Visions of wonton soup danced in our heads...
Visions of wonton soup danced in our heads...
Lee Klein

Every year come Christmas Eve
It's no secret where we go
To take our holiday reprieve --
Yes, that's right, Sam Wo.

Crispy noodles, fluorescent dip
Wonton soup for Jews to sip.

There are no trees with blinking lights
Or roaring fireplace
But Sam Wo's Cantonese delights
Do more than take their place.

We don't have to go to mass
A fourth pork bun? No thanks, I'll pass.

Disrespect is not intended
The faithful needn't feel offended
For Christmas is a time of joy
Ours just comes with a dash of soy.

What replaces Jesus and Santa?
Egg foo young and Fanta!

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