Caviar&Caviar's Discounts for Valentine's Day

Caviar&Caviar's Discounts for Valentine's Day

What is more romantic for Valentine's Day than champagne and caviar? The finest caviar is traditionally harvested from wild sturgeon in the Caspian and Black Seas. The rarest and most expensive is from the beluga sturgeon which produces pea-size eggs that are soft and delicate. But today one can find caviar from trout, lumpfish, salmon, whitefish and other species of sturgeon produced in Spain, Italy, France, Uruguay and California.

Next week we'll bring you an interview with Michael Jalileyan, owner of Caviar & Caviar, a South Florida caviar merchant whose family history in the sexy world of caviar has led him to break out on his own. To set the stage and to get you ready for V day he's offering Short Order readers a discount.

Per Se Caviar - $45/oz (regular $105/oz)
This Osetra caviar produced in Spain using the Iranian method is fine and delicate.

Venezia Caviar - $35/oz (regular $65/oz)
This is Siberian sturgeon caviar produced in Venice, Italy by Caspian specialists.

American Paddlefish caviar - $14/oz (regular $30/oz)
A superior fresh wild caviar processed with a traditional Russian Ashtrakhan processing method.

To order and get these special prices call 954-746-4423.

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