Cat Power Hospitalized in Miami Beach, Tweets Picture of Her Food

Cat Power: bored at Mount Sinai.
Cat Power: bored at Mount Sinai.
Cat Power via Instagram

According to Yahoo!, model/singer Chan Marshall (AKA Cat Power) was hospitalized at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach over the weekend. Power's record label confirmed she was admitted to the hospital, but it would not confirm the medical issue.

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Unfortunately, there's a lot of down time when you're in the hospital. Fortunately, there's Instagram and Twitter. Power took full advantage of the iPhone app to tweet pictures of her room, the Miami skyline, and her hospital food.

Looks good for hospital food.
Looks good for hospital food.
Cat Power via Instagram

This particular meal doesn't look anything like the usual hospital nightmare of grayish matter. We can't see any applesauce or green Jell-O on the tray. Instead, we're treated to a snapshot of roast chicken, matzo ball soup, peas, and a side salad.

Power obviously agreed, because she commented:

HOSPITAL FOOD NEVER BEEN SO GOOD. #goymymatzoballsoup #nowjustneedmyhotsauceformychicken

Seems like that Jewish penicillin (better known as chicken soup) worked, because Power has already been released, and her October 11 concert at Grand Central in Miami is still scheduled.

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