Burger & Beer & Bra Joint

Burger & Beer & Bra Joint
John Zur

Burger & Beer Joint opened to rave

reviews over a year ago and is home to, among other things, inventive

and mouth-watering burgers named after rock n' roll songs, There's the recycled shot, the mother burger, and now a growing

collection of brassieres in the rafters over the sports bar.

There are ten bras that dangle from above, coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some have messages and names scrawled on them. It's a tradition that began some weeks ago, when "some pretty girl took off her bra and threw it up," says one of B&B's bartenders. She and subsequent participants received was a shot of Jameson.

Burger & Beer & Bra Joint
John Zur

Don't get too excited about seeing this phenomenon, as it happens infrequently and without warning. But you'll just have to hang around the sports bar after 5 p.m. to try to catch a glimpse for yourself.

Burger & Beer Joint - South Beach
1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach

305-672-EATS (3287)

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Burger & Beer Joint

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