Buns and Buns: Global Flavors in a Casual Setting

Buns & Buns, a six-month-old South Miami restaurant, aims to return bread to the prominence it once enjoyed at the dinner table. Long ago, a fresh loaf was as important as the main protein and vegetables, and it still is in many countries, chef Reuven Sugarman says. "We want to bring bread back into the picture, because lately it's been an afterthought," he adds. "Every culture has its bread. Humanity started with bread."

In trying to revive the humble dinner roll, this fast-casual restaurant's single-page menu doesn't include Salisbury steak served by a rouge-lipped housewife in a knee-length dress. Instead, every dish comes with a bun or roll inspired by the world's greatest culinary cultures. There are steamed buns in a nod to China, naan in honor of India and the Middle East, and brioche in a salute to France. To see if the food makes the grade, read this week's review of Buns & Buns, now posted on Short Order.


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