Bunnie Cakes Vegan, Gluten-Free Cupcakes Now Available at Miami Starbucks

Bunnie Cakes' passionfruit cupcake
Bunnie Cakes' passionfruit cupcake Courtesy of Bunnie Cakes
Now you can get your Bunnie Cakes fix from one of the world's largest coffee chains: Starbucks. A lucky 13 South Florida stores are now carrying vegan, gluten-free passionfruit cupcakes made by the local bakery.

This is the first time that the chain is stocking its baked-goods case with an allergy-friendly item.

“Sebastian [Ghiragossian, my husband] and I are extremely happy and proud of this partnership. Having Starbucks reach out to us and choosing our business as the only local partner in Miami is huge for us," Bunnie Cakes cofounder Mariana Cortez says. "Starting this company from having nothing, only one mixer, an idea and a few utensils to partnering with Starbucks to supply 13 stores daily is a dream come true. We have worked very hard every day with our team, it’s been a collective effort that took us to this point. We are excited, happy and grateful for the big opportunities that are ahead of us.”

The relationship between Starbucks and Bunnie Cakes began this past May. "The corporate office in Seattle wanted to partner with a local vendor because they were opening a community store in Miami Gardens," Cortez explains. "They sent some of their regional managers to share their favorite spots in Miami for dessert. A few regional managers suggested our business and came to try the product without us knowing anything. Then the Seattle corporate officers came to the store, and they loved not only the product but the story behind our company."

Cortez's claim to fame is her appearance on Cupcake Wars, where one of the judges called her creations "the best and most elegant cupcakes we have seen on the show." Bunnie Cakes was also named Best Cupcake in 2016 by Miami New Times

"We were chosen among many other businesses in Miami," Cortez adds. "When they made their decision, they called us and told us they have been trying and tasting every cupcake flavor on our menu. We were ecstatic. We have been working with them since then. We are supplying 13 stores daily in Miami. Hopefully, the list of stores will expand soon."

Here are the Starbucks locations carrying the cupcakes:
  • 1690 NE Miami Gardens Dr., Miami Gardens
  • 52 Curtiss Pkwy., Miami Springs
  • 5711 NW Seventh St., Miami
  • 1690 NE Miami Gardens Dr., Miami Gardens
  • NW 27th Avenue and NW 191st Street, Miami Gardens
  • NW 41 Street and NW 114th Avenue, Doral
  • NW 36th Street and NW 72nd Avenue, Miami
  • 7433 Miami Lakes Dr., Miami Lakes
  • 95th Street and NW Second Avenue, Miami Shores
  • 9709-101 NW 41st Ave., Doral
  • 6320 Biscayne Blvd., Miami
  • 8012 NW 154th St., Miami Lakes
  • 583 W. 49th St., Hialeah

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