Brickell Bridge Bistro & Bar (B4) Closed
Katherine Lynch

Brickell Bridge Bistro & Bar -- AKA B to the fourth power -- is now closed. Seems the restaurant/bar/club on the ground floor of 500 Brickell, which held its official grand opening less than a month ago, couldn't survive despite having Allen Susser as a consultant.

All the outdoor furniture has been stashed inside, and when we poked our head in the door, we were told the restaurant was "changing management" and to check back in two to three weeks.

Brickell Bridge Bistro & Bar (B4) Closed

Brickell Bridge Bistro & Bar (B4) Closed

​When B4 opened in late April, the concept had promise because there was no bar in the two-tower building. Looks like a couple weeks of free happy hours wasn't enough to build up a steady following. Lunch never seemed to take off, probably because of the other, more casual and less expensive options nearby (Bon Fromage, Pizza Rustica).

Whether or not the next concept to take the space resembles B4 remains to be seen, but it seems like Brickellians would rather travel for the SoBe vibe. Our vote: A Brickell location of Michael's Genuine. Mmmm, pig ears.


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