Beyonce Got a Cheeseburger, Baby

Fresh off of us naming SoBe burger joint the Best Place to Meet (Let's Hope) Single Guys, Beyonce Knowles, pop diva and the (married) queen of single ladies, dropped by to pick up 2 hamburgers, 2 cheeseburgers, and a 6 pack of baby cheeeseburgers. According to owner Stephanie Vitori, "[Beyonce] came in and ordered herself. She comes in all the time, her and Jay-Z. We get a lot of celebs here and each one is super nice and no one bothers them."

Take note: Bey could have stopped at any of the foo-foo-la burger joints on the beach for an Angus or Kobe, luxury slab of meat but instead went to a spot with only a counter, a big screen, and a grill that produces some amazing burgers.


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