Best Miami Dishes for $5 or Less

With what

is being labeled the Great Recession ripping Miami in full force, many people are

losing their homes and jobs. The prices of local goods, especially

prepared food, are not a reflection of Miami residents' struggling economic

status. It's nice to know that even in

Best Miami Dishes for $5 or Less
Yosef Hamilton

5. Burgers

& Shakes
Miniburger and shake, $5


less than a year ago at the former Rocky's Burgers, Burgers & Shakes has

already become one of North Beach's most popular eateries. Ground beef, chicken, and fresh mahi-mahi burgers regularly range from around $6 to more than $10 on this

simple menu, but lunchtime brings a miniburger-and-shake deal for $5.

If you're in the mood to try new things, sample the veggie burger, which is

made with a portobello mushroom and features a selection of toppings such as olive

oil, arugula, avocado, and capers.

Best Miami Dishes for $5 or Less

4. David's Café
Empanada and tiradito meal, $4.45

The story of David's Café began on tiny

Normandy Isle in 1976 when Cuban refugee Alfredo Gonzalez opened Three

Boys Luncheonette. Success spurred Gonzalez to turn an old Jewish deli into the

first David's Café in 1977. Now it has become the longest-standing establishment on

this list. Part of this success can be attributed to the authentic family

recipes, such as the delicious and bargain-priced tiraditos ($1.25) and empanadas

($1.05), which come in beef, chicken, pork, spinach, and other varieties. The

menu is similar to a traditional diner menu, but the bargains don't stop there. Lunch

specials start at $6.95, and a regular half chicken is a hefty $12.75, or

nearly twice as much as what our No. 1 charges.

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