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    A Strip to Bountiful - How about a steak house where you can gorge for fifteen bucks or less?

    When you go to your typical local steak house, the beef isn't the only thing that gets trimmed. Whether mammoth national chain or home-grown meat market, these places can bone out your wallet faster than an ambidextrous butcher with a head full of ...

    by Bill Citara on December 15, 2005
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    An Arrival and a Return - AV Grill and Prezzo make magic in north Miami-Dade

    Restaurants come and restaurants go. Some, like Prezzo Restaurant and Martini Bar, come, go, and come back again. It first opened in Loehmann's Fashion Island in 1992, was rechristened Martini Bar and Grill a few years ago, and then in February, as i...

    by Lee Klein on December 8, 2005
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    When Worlds Collide - Kafe Gol scores with Argentine flavor

    "Ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself" at least according to the lyrics of Rick Nelson's 1972 song "Garden Party." But the folks at Kafe Gol appear, for better or worse, to disagree. Although Gol's goal may not be to please diners...

    by Pamela Robin Brandt on December 8, 2005
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    Different Strokes - Kosher cooking and Irish ales nestle into a new Beach niche

    Restaurants, like politicians, have to play to their bases. Two new Miami Beach dining venues Sam's Deli and Grill on 41st Street, and Clarke's, an Irish-style pub located south of Fifth Street in SoBe are doing just that, and both seem well suit...

    by Lee Klein on December 1, 2005
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    Sexy Thai - Raw fish equals sex. Who knew?

    Is sushi the new sex? In the big, bad world out there to which some refer as the real world sex is the sizzle that sells the deodorant and hair gel and gas-sucking highway mastodons and watery, gruellike beer that has about as much taste and ch...

    by Bill Citara on December 1, 2005
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    What's the Matter with Miami? - We just can't make anybody's A-list

    Miami is home to glitzy multimillion-dollar restaurants, a sea of sensational sushi spots, and more than its fair share of satisfying bistros, trattorias, and steak houses. Central and South American immigrants, as well as those from the neighboring ...

    by Lee Klein on November 24, 2005
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    Where the Buffalo Roam - Artisans of a culinary revolution give food lovers something to talk about

    Sage on Fifth opened in South Beach at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Fifth Street in August 2004, two weeks before Hurricane Frances blustered across Florida. Although the restaurant withstood the winds and rain, it couldn't endure custom...

    by Lee Klein on November 17, 2005
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    This Kosher Carrot Kicks Ass - Who knew health food could be so tasty?

    Have you ever eaten at a restaurant where a new convert to healthy eating plunks an unadorned ear of corn on your plate, raving about how much more flavorful it is without the distraction of all that melted butter? Well, I have, and it's not a place ...

    by Pamela Robin Brandt on November 17, 2005
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    South Beach Safari

    Madiba has come to South Beach by way of South Africa, with a stopover at Fort Greene, Brooklyn which is where Mark and Jenny Henegan, with long-time friend Serge Jules, opened their first Madiba in 1999. Their new establishment made its debut this...

    by Lee Klein on November 10, 2005
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    The Depressing Room

    Wilma was on the way when we walked into The Press Room, a newish eatery on the butt end of Lincoln Road. The sky was ominously gray and full of foreboding. The restaurant takes its name from the collage of antique presses on the wall of its brick...

    by Bill Citara on November 10, 2005
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    Played to Perfection

    In his recent documentary about Bob Dylan, No Direction Home, director Martin Scorsese portrays the singer as a quietly zealous man more concerned with the impact of his music on those listening than any media adoration. Executive chef of The Biltmor...

    by Lee Klein on November 3, 2005
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    Oriental Treasure Trove

    Northeast 167th Street may not be a walkable strip like New York's Mott Street, but with more than a dozen Asian restaurants and grocery stores, it's the closest thing Miami has to a Chinatown. Covering the window of PK Oriental Mart is bright red gr...

    by Pamela Robin Brandt on November 3, 2005
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    Cheese Whiz

    Miami doesn't boast a cheese store in the mold of the grand Old World type, where wheels, loaves, and slabs are stacked high on marble countertops and an intense, swoon-inducing stink is pervasive. What it does have is a smattering of specialty ma...

    by Lee Klein on October 27, 2005
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    Retro Revival

    One thing you have to say about Miami diners: We know our retro. We might be seduced by celebrity chefs who assemble their dishes with tweezers and sauce them with eyedroppers, or distracted by bling-laden rappers flashing their grills in this week...

    by Bill Citara on October 27, 2005
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    The Art of Longevity

    Most restaurateurs aim to provide what they're certain we'll enjoy. For instance, they know we like Italian, and within that genre, pasta is always a favorite. It seems simple enough, but Klaus Frisch was the first in the Gables to figure this out ...

    by Lee Klein on October 20, 2005
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    Authentically Average

    No average diner would ever mistake the traditional dishes of Denmark for those of France, or confuse Japanese cuisine with Indian. Much more difficult, though, is differentiating between the fare of Latin American nations. Onion, pepper, garlic, and...

    by Pamela Robin Brandt on October 20, 2005
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    Another Prime Spot

    Americans consume more than one million animals every day, only a minuscule fraction of which is devoured at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar in Coral Gables. Still, if I were a cow, I'd be a little nervous all the same, for a mere glance arou...

    by Lee Klein on October 13, 2005
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    Viva Italia!

    Taverna Pizzeria and Risotteria: conceptually genius or excessively ambitious? Although pizza and risotto are two pillars of Italian cuisine, they don't have a whole lot in common. Pizza is essentially street food, a quick and inexpensive meal cons...

    by Bill Citara on October 13, 2005
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    A Pearl in the Harbor

    Bay Harbor's new Asia Bay Bistro & Sushi Bar boasts nouvelle Asian cuisine, but apart from the sushi, it's really a traditional Japanese restaurant with some token Thai tossed in for good measure. There's nothing bistro-ish about the food; I suppose ...

    by Lee Klein on October 6, 2005
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    Reinventing a Classic

    In the early Nineties, before South Beach rents became terminally stratospheric, there was no lack of fun-fueled, reasonably priced neighborhood eateries -- like Lulu's, a Southern truck stop on acid whose entire second floor was designed as a shrine...

    by Pamela Robin Brandt on October 6, 2005
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