Archive Diver: Tavern In The Grove New Times Ad From 1988

Archive Diver: Tavern In The Grove New Times Ad From 1988
Back in 1987 the Tavern In The Grove was established at 3416 Main Highway. Twenty two years later it is still there. How many nights of reckless diversion and mornings of blind consumption have started and ended at the Tavern is anybody's guess. Damn near guaranteed are plenty of butt smoking, Bud swilling, bar hopping, juke boxing, drunk singing, dart throwing, bad dancing, ass grabbing, sneak fucking, beer drinking, coke sniffing, bet making, drink gaming, punch throwing, head stomping, bar tossing, in sneaking, shot downing, drink mixing, sport watching, laugh howling, fun making, tip leaving, pint stealing, sleep falling, cab catching, hell of a good times that have been had.

Click here for 1991 article about partying in the Grove that mentions the Tavern, and click here for the entire library of New Times archived online content that mentions "tavern in the grove," a measley 6 items, sounds like time for a revisit. Short Order's on it.

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