Archive Diver: 1988 Ad For Miami Rock Restaurant and Lounge

Archive Diver: 1988 Ad For Miami Rock Restaurant and Lounge
via Miami New Times archives week of September 14 - 20, 1988.

Alright Short Ordrians, this week's Archive Diver needs your help. We like repping for South Dade, but damned if we can find anything anywhere on the internet about this place. Matter fact, we can't even figure out if US1 and Wayne Avenue is in Perrine, Cutler Ridge, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Goulds, unincorporated Dade or what. We also can't figure out whose bright idea it was to name 181 Street "Wayne Avenue" when streets and avenues clearly run perpendicular to each other damn near everywhere else.

In any case, the above ad is for Miami Rock Restaurant and Lounge. We're guessing that the troupe called "The Young Unknown Comedians" who performed there probably stayed that way since this scrap of paper from 1988 seems to be the only trace of existence of the venue. Did any of you ever go there, listen to Split Decision, or the Fleet Starbucks Blues Duo? Did any of your parents conceive you in the parking lot while listening to an 8-track in a Ford Ranchero? Leave a comment.

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