Anthony's Pizza Fires Up Kendall

"Well-done pizzas" have landed in Kendall. It happened this past weekend, when Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza opened its fifth Miami-Dade location (and 23rd nationwide) at 12502 N. Kendall Dr., a half-mile west of the turnpike.

ACFP's anthracite-burning ovens heat up to 800 degrees, a beautifully blistering blast of fire that chars and crisps the dough. I've eaten in other Anthony's locations and can vouch that they serve a darn good pie. Coal-fired chicken wings topped with grilled onions is the other house specialty, which goes quite well as an accompaniment to the pizza.

The founder is Anthony Bruno; Dan Marino is a partner. If you ever see Marino at Anthony's, you can yell out, "Hey, Dan, pass the wings!" I'm telling you, he loves it when folks do that.

There's take-out too: 305-273-8020.


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