Anthony Bourdain's The Layover: A Sneak Peek (Video)

Anthony Bourdain drives a red Corvette (and we hide in a shrub).
Anthony Bourdain drives a red Corvette (and we hide in a shrub).
Laine Doss

There's no secret that we love Anthony Bourdain.

He's witty, snarky, smart as hell and has managed to parlay these talents (along with mad writing skills and, the ability to cook) into every foodie's dream job.

Unlike fellow Travel Channel brethren Andrew Zimmern and Adam Richman, Bourdain neither eats many bugs nor does he consume large vats of chili. Instead, he trots around the world, walks through food stalls and samples the local hooch. See? Told you he has a dream job!

Bourdain debuts his new show, The Layover, on November 21. The

premise: what would Tony do if he had only 24 to 48 hours in a city?

From "dive bars to five stars," Bourdain gives us tips on where to eat

and drink in cities that we actually have the hopes of one day seeing.

Places like New York, Singapore, London, Montreal, and our own Miami (where we stalked him like a crazy person).

We can't wait. If you can't either, here's a preview:

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