Another Batch Of Suggested Restaurant Mottos

From time to time, we at Short Order like to offer a helping hand to our friends in the restaurant business by coming up with snappy new slogans for them to use -- free of charge!

Flip Burger Bar: For when the other 35 burger joints are just too darn busy!

Joe's Stone Crab: Fresh stone crabs served for over 100 years -- by the same waiters!

72nd St. Bar & Grill: We are not a rip-off of Town Kitchen & Bar -- for instance, our name is totally different! (except for the ampersand and the word "bar").

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill: Our gal in New York tweets customers while they dine here so we've got backup when our managers and waiters are slacking off!

Crazy Pianos: You don't know a soul who has eaten here, yet we're still around!

Sra. Martinez Sports Bar: Broadcasting the World Cup daily -- and our food is just as good as Finnegan's!

The New Winn-Dixie: Supermarkets of tomorrow based on concepts from yesterday!


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