A beautiful Uglyripe tomato
A beautiful Uglyripe tomato
Lee Klein

A Good Tomato Isn't Hard To Find

I perform very occasional part-time work as a private chef, and the folks I cook for just love tomatoes. I generally purchase the tomatoes at Fresh Market; it's got the best variety, and perfectly ripe specimens in each category. Granted, sometimes I'll pay $3.99 or $4.99 per pound, but they never let me down. Once in awhile I get tomatoes at Whole Foods Market, but you've got to dig to find great ones there.

I never buy produce at Publix, but this week I espied some fire-engine red Uglyripe "heirloom-type" tomatoes from Santa Sweets, Inc. at the South Beach branch. They were just ripe, too, so I bought a few. The Uglyripe sticker boasts of it being "The tomato that tastes like a tomato," and indeed it was one of the sweetest I've cut into -- riper and deeper red than this photo suggests.

Peak tomato season is on the way; already prices are heading downward. The Uglyripes are currently on sale for $2.99 per pound at the SB Publix (they were sold out yesterday; next shipment arrives today). If you like tomatoes, this one comes with the Short Order stamp of approval.


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