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    September 3, 2014

    Miami Fast-Food Workers to Join 150-City Protest Tomorrow

    The nationwide fight for fast-food workers to raise their standard of living is getting louder and more organized. On Thursday, September 4, employees of major companies like McDonald's and Burger King will protest in 150 major cities, including Miami.

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    May 1, 2014

    Almost 1 Million Floridians Enrolled in Obamacare

    Last year about 1 in 5 Floridians were uninsured. This year quite a few more have health insurance thanks to the Afordable Care Act. The Department of Health and Human Services announced today that 983,775 Floridians signed up for Obamacare plans. That's the second highest number of any state behind ... More >>

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    February 7, 2014

    University of Miami Health System Loses Records Including Social Security Numbers

    The University of Miami Health System, one of South Florida's largest health providers, has lost an indeterminate number of patient records including Social Security numbers and some health information. The school has been quietly informing patients of the Department of Otolaryngology of the loss, ... More >>

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    July 25, 2013
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    March 29, 2012
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    March 28, 2012

    Aiman Aryan, Government Center Pill Mill Pharmacist, Pleads Guilty

    ​A pharmacist who ran a pill mill from the lobby of the Miami-Dade County Government Center is pleading guilty for his role in a $55 million medicare scam involving prescription pain killers. Aiman Aryan will give up his pharmacist license and will be sentenced to at least 10 years in prison. ... More >>

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    March 19, 2012

    White House Confuses University of Miami for That Ohio School

    President Barack Obama was just at the University of Miami, so you'd think that his staff could get the name of the school correct. Apparently not. The White House sent out a press release today describing University of Miami president Donna Shalala as "President of Miami University." Miami Uni ... More >>

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    February 2, 2012

    "Obamacare" Has Already Saved Floridians $142 Million

    ​Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi may be fighting to repeal President Obama's healthcare reform laws in court, but the new laws have already saved Floridians close to $142 million, and most of the laws haven't even gone into effect yet. The savings come from Medicare recipients who now pay l ... More >>

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    August 4, 2010

    McCollum: Rekers Was "The Best Expert"

    ​Surprise! Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill McCollum still opposes gay adoption -- notwithstanding the spectacular downfall of his hand-picked anti-gay expert, George Alan Rekers. "I don't believe the gay family model is good for kids," McCollum said this week to the ... More >>

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    May 6, 2010
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    April 29, 2009

    On Day 99, Obama Hires HIV Czar

    A quick followup of sorts to our post Monday highlighting the Obama administration's inaction on HIV/AIDS during his first 100 days in office. Yesterday it was announced the president has chosen Dr. Eric Goosby to head PEPFAR. Goosby served in the Clinton administration as deputy director of the Nat ... More >>

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    February 5, 2009

    Shalala Staying Put

    When the Herald reported yesterday that Donna Shalala might be returning to D.C. to take the reigns once again at the Department of Health and Human Services after Tom Daschle scampered off with his Sally Jesse Raphael glasses and tax mess, we kind of thought it smelled funny. First, nobody else was ... More >>

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    March 18, 2004

    Cuts You Up

    As the number of cesarean section deliveries in South Florida soars, some women use midwives to learn to trust their bodies and give birth naturally

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    October 17, 2002

    Notes from the Dead Zone

    The politics of AIDS funding in black Miami

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    September 13, 2001

    Life in the Secret Service

    For Patrick Cruise it was a life of hounding, harassment, and humiliation

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    May 17, 2001

    Best Power Couple

    Aileen Ugalde and Joe Garcia

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    January 1, 1998

    Welcome to America. Now Go Home.

    Granted sweeping new powers by Congress, the INS is quickly earning a global reputation for cruel and capricious conduct at Miami International Airport

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    August 7, 1997

    Reefer Science

    Uncle Sam is looking for a few good potheads to cure, and treatment is yours for the toking

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    May 8, 1997

    When Vicki Met Syl

    Fate introduced Miami lobbyist Sylvester Lukis to a rising political star named Vicki Lopez-Wolfe. Twenty-two felony charges later, South Florida is still reeling.

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    December 12, 1996

    Ghost Town

    Haunted by apathy and bad planning, Little Haiti's Caribbean Marketplace is a shadow of its former self

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    November 14, 1996

    Clinical Depression

    Hounded by budget crises, unflattering audits, and general gripes about management, the Economic Opportunity Family Health Center circles the wagons

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    October 12, 1995

    Pep Talks

    In recovery, out in the field, members of the Partnership to Empower Parents reach out to Miami's drug-dependent mothers

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    September 14, 1995


    One of Dade's most controversial advocates for the homeless finds herself jobless

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    May 4, 1995

    Field of Teens

    When you grow up in the migrant labor camps of South Dade, sometimes it's gang life -- and sometimes it's no life

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    June 16, 1993

    Death and Profits

    When Hugh Westbrook pioneered hospice care, his organization saw to the needs of the dying. Fifteen years later nothing has changed -- except the politics and the profit margins.

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    April 14, 1993


    It alters perceptions and skews the ability to tell right from wrong. Ultimately, it results in a dysfunctional society. But it's not a drug. It's the War on Drugs.

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    October 16, 1991
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    May 15, 1991
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    February 27, 1991