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    January 15, 2014

    Carcass' Jeff Walker: "Life Is Just Food For Maggots"

    If heavy metal makes you bang your head, then extreme metal will make you take a cheese grater to your face until shredded skin piles at your feet and blood drips from your chin. A band named Carcass helped invent the style in 1985, and 17 years after the release of the group's 1996 breakup album S ... More >>

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    March 18, 2012

    The Best of SXSW Music: Saturday 3/17/2012

    So, we come to it: the end of all things. Four days of madness, Doritos, Skrillex and finally, St. Patrick's Day. Before we bid SXSW 2012 farewell, allow us to share our favorite moments from SXSW day four. Later, we'll let you know which shows weren't so hot. Find our favorites below, and if there ... More >>

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    November 28, 2011

    Judas Priest's Rob Halford Talks Heavy Metal, American Idol, and the Grim Reaper

    ​Is this really the end of Judas Priest? Apparently, it's not. According to lead screamer Rob Halford, the Epitaph Farewell Tour is merely the band's last non-stop worldwide trek before he and his metal minions enter semi-retirement. Still, though, as we here at Crossfade have shouted lo' so man ... More >>

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    November 25, 2011

    Judas Priest Announce $20 Black Friday Tickets for Epitaph Farewell Tour

    Behold Black Friday! No doubt, the day after Thanksgiving belongs to the Devil. The sun becomes a black hole. Unrepentant gluttons suffer atop overflowing toilets. And endless legions of zombified shoppers stalk the malls and big-box stores in search of awesome deals that might set them free from S ... More >>

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    November 7, 2011

    Churchill's Owner Dave Daniels' Birthday Bash: Jazz, Beatles, and 25-Cent Drinks

    This is Winston Churchill, not Dave Daniels. We should be hosting a parade in honor of Churchill's Pub owner Dave Daniels's birthday. Like, a bizarro, Little Haiti musical version of Mango Strut with Rat Bastard as the Grand Marshal and kegs of Strongbow lining the streets. But Mr. Daniels is a hu ... More >>

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    August 15, 2011

    Judas Priest's Epitaph Farewell Tour Burns Up Bayfront Park December 1

    ​After four decades of "Breaking the Law," "Burnin' Up," and persuading impressionable teens to dress like S/M slaves to rock 'n' roll, metal legends Judas Priest have decided to take a little time off from doing the Devil's dirty work. Last December, it was officially confirmed that "JUDAS P ... More >>

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    July 7, 2011
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    June 27, 2011

    Big Business's Jared Warren Talks Miami, the Melvins, and Eating Deep-Fried Garbage

    Big Business's Jared Warren with tiny dogs.​If you were to mix the arena-style hard rock riffage of AC/DC with the drumming of Rush's Neil Peart, throw in some Man Is the Bastard-style crusty sludge, a teaspoon of Black Sabbath, and garnish it with a cup of minced Thin Lizzy, the music would sound ... More >>

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    March 15, 2010

    Cool St. Patrick's Day Menu at Yard House

    Photo by Lee KleinPretend this is corned beef, not pastrami. And grilled. With cheese.​Chef Carlito Jocson of Coral Gables' Yard House will be serving a special St. Patrick's Day menu today and tomorrow. Treats will  include Corned Beef Brisket braised in Irish beer with boiled red potatoes a ... More >>

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    January 26, 2010

    Q&A With Monotonix, Playing Respectable Street Tomorrow

    photo by Josh Sisk​A virgin encounter with the Israeli rock trio Monotonix inspires extreme gut-level reactions. First, there's the fact that often, one can smell the band coming -- these guys spend a lot of time on the road, far away from home. Then, there's this motley crew's looks, which are ha ... More >>

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    August 21, 2009

    Flyer of the Week: Bunnygrunt at Propaganda August 26

    ​As a little runt in the late '80s, I owned a rabbit's foot keychain. And really, didn't everyone? Back then, lucky bunny body parts were still a genuine fixture of pop culture. Today though, the hallowed tradition of carrying a severed rodent's leg on your person as some sort of amulet against ev ... More >>

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    April 2, 2009
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    March 17, 2009

    A St. Patrick's Day Playlist For You

    Stiff Little Fingers gave us some of the best Irish punk rockSt. Patrick's Day is today. So before we hit the pub to celebrate, we thought we'd put together a mix for you of some tracks our favorite Irish and Irish-American bands. Enjoy them -- preferably with a pint of Guinness. The streaming playl ... More >>

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    October 16, 2008

    Annihilation Time

    Annihilation Time III: Tales of the Ancient Age (Tee Pee)

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    June 26, 2008

    The Sword

    Gods of the Earth (Kemado)

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    January 14, 2008
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    December 4, 2003

    Punk Pop Pharmacy

    Singer/songwriter Ted Leo has got the goods