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    October 9, 2014
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    July 24, 2013

    Miami Woman Arrested for Charging $800,000 for Protection From Voodoo Curses

    You won't believe how much insurance against voodoo curses costs nowadays. Apparently your bill can get as high as $800,000 over the course of a decade. (And we thought flood insurance was pricey.) However, it appears the government does not view voodoo protection as a legitimate business, and Peac ... More >>

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    March 1, 2012
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    February 28, 2012

    Skip Bayless is a Modern Day Minstrel

    ​Luther Campbell, the man whose booty-shaking madness made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke crowns ESPN talking head Skip Bayless the king of race baiting.I've got to hand it to Skip Bayless for articulating so we ... More >>

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    October 27, 2010

    Miami Underwear Company Sends Man Thongs to SF Giants

    ​Who is Miami supposed to root for in the World Series when it's not one of those weird years when the Marlins somehow manage to wind up winning it? The city's important risqué mens underwear industry is apparently lining up behind the San Francisco Giants. Papi, a Miami based brand of ... More >>

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    October 5, 2006

    Dark Defiance

    A journalist, a kick-ass story, a suicide

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    September 23, 2004

    Contra Campaign

    John Kerry once took a shot at Miami's Felix Rodriguez for his part in the Iran-contra scandal. Now the Bush family friend is shooting back.

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    August 9, 2001

    Bad News

    Battered by severe budget cuts, staff reductions, and sudden management changes, the Miami Heraldconfronts its uncertain future

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    August 17, 2000

    Complaint Central

    Did you get your Herald today? Are you sure?

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    January 20, 2000


    Castigating Couch, heralding SAVE Dade, and foot dragging on the River

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    November 12, 1998

    Taking Flight

    More evidence Miami's daily paper is for the birds: No courthouse buzzard story

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    October 15, 1998

    Hatchet Man

    Q: What's a nice guy like Alberto Ibargen doing at a place like the Miami Herald? A: Exactly what his money-grubbing bosses want him to do.

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    August 6, 1998
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    September 4, 1997
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    July 24, 1997
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    November 28, 1996
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    August 1, 1996
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    June 8, 1995

    The Incredible Shrinking Herald

    People are fleeing in record numbers and not being replaced. Morale has hit bottom. News coverage has been severely curtailed. Money is scarce. And the corporate bigshots love it.