Steve Polisar

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    December 5, 2002

    South Beach Greets the Season

    Tourism dilemma: Will it be hip or will it be hip-hop?

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    October 31, 2002

    Cool Like What?

    South Beach survives the hipster apocalypse

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    May 2, 2002

    Strip Wars

    The politics of selling sex entertainment on SoBe

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    June 28, 2001

    The Color of Hip-Hop

    As Miami Beach soon will learn, it's not black or white -- it's green

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    September 17, 1998

    Fueling the Feud

    A new report suggests that Clubland needs a serious crackdown

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    May 21, 1998

    Conflict in Clubland

    Streets lined with rowdies, fistfights, gunshots, cops in ski masks. Is this what an entertainment district is supposed to look like?

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    October 2, 1997

    Barroom Brawl

    Local club owners are feuding with the state liquor commission over drug busts. So far neither side is backing down.

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    January 26, 1995
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    September 9, 1992