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    August 1, 2013

    Too Short's Six Best Sex Songs

    Too $hort is an independent hip hop pioneer who made his first million on cassette tapes. The East Oakland pimp is famous for dirty sex raps, and has put out a new album almost every year since 1987. He's also a ghetto reality rapper in the style of Melle Mel from Grandmaster Flash, and has loads o ... More >>

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    September 9, 2010
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    August 27, 2010

    Top Ten Best Songs About Cocaine

    When they say Miami is a city built of snow, rest assured they aren't talking about the weather. Even pop culture, through movies like Scarface and TV shows like Miami Vice, have helped equate the city to sweet Lady Cocaine. That's reason enough to honor it by listing some of the best cocaine-relate ... More >>

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    January 22, 2008

    Throwback Tuesdays: Biz Markie!!

    There's something about the video for "Just a Friend" and the song in general that was pivotal for an entire generation to get a better understand of what hip-hop really is. Up until this song went national, most hip-hop singles were either serious, message driven tunes of the "White Lines" by Grand ... More >>

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    September 23, 2004

    Dead Good

    Shaun of the Dead revives the zombie comedy with a U.K. twist

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    April 8, 2004

    Death Comet Crew

    This Is Riphop (Troubleman Unlimited)

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    March 30, 2000

    Triumph of the Underdogs

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