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    June 11, 2009

    Swine Flu Officially a Pandemic; 75 Cases in Miami-Dade

    Almost two months after the first case was reported, and about a month since anyone cared, the World Health Organization has declared swine flu is officially the first flu pandemic in 41 years!So far, H1N1 has killed 144 people, a small number compared to the millions who died during the last fl ... More >>

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    June 3, 2009

    1 out of 3 Swine Flu Cases in Florida are in Miami-Dade

    We had our fun popping the balloon of the swine flu, excuse me, H1N1 hysteria, but we never once told you to abandon your hourly ritual of hand sanitizer cleansing. Since Miami is a major hub of international travel, especially to Latin America, it always made sense to us that the strain of flu ... More >>

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    May 21, 2009

    U.S. Won't Grant HIV-Positive Cuban Asylum

    viaGive us your poor, your tired, but apparently not your HIV We don't have to familiarize any locals with the wet foot, dry foot policy, aka The Cuban Adjustment Act. Any Cuban who makes it to American soil is allowed to seek residency. Well, not any Cuban migrant. Not if that Cuban is HIV . & ... More >>

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    May 20, 2009

    Sparked By Sucess in Miami, Feds Widen Health Care Fraud Force

    The string of headlines involving several local busts of fraudulent HIV/AIDS treatment facilities milking medicare for money was no coincidence. Two years ago the justice department begin specifically targeting medicare fraud in the city. After success in Miami and then Los Angeles, today Attorney G ... More >>

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    April 16, 2009
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    March 5, 2009

    If Looks Could Kill

    Back-alley plastic surgery sent Donnie Hendrix to jail. Finally, she talks.

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    January 7, 2009

    Budget Crises May Force State to Abstain from Abstinence Only Education

    The birth control method preferred by Jonas Brothers everywhere may be the next victim of the state legislature's special orgy of budget slashing. A plan to eliminate the remaining $600,000 allocated this year to abstinence only education and abortion-alternative counseling is being advanced in ... More >>

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    April 5, 2007

    While You Were Out

    Florida's educational system leaves a lot to be desired.

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    February 23, 2007
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    January 25, 2007

    Dr. Feelgood

    You're not a doctor, but Trauma Center lets you play one on TV

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    September 19, 2006
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    August 5, 2004

    Is There a Doctor in the House?

    At Miami-Dade County's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the answer would be No

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    March 18, 2004

    In Good Time

    Miami does away with SCA

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    December 4, 2003

    Under the Stars

    Miami's gay community parties on despite the specter of a growing HIV/AIDS threat

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    November 27, 2003
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    October 30, 2003

    Kid Koala

    Some of My Best Friends Are DJs (Ninja Tune)

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    March 27, 2003

    Insides Out

    Journey through some giant entrails

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    January 23, 2003

    Healthy Puff

    Celebrate the medicinal benefits of Mary Jane

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    December 12, 2002

    Letters from the Issue of December 12, 2002

    Once upon a time there was this African-American surgeon...

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    December 5, 2002

    Letters from the Issue of December 5, 2002

    Latin rock star strikes back!

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    September 20, 2001

    Saving Souls, Saving Lives

    In the black church, treating the spirit doesn't always mix well with treating AIDS

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    July 26, 2001
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    August 24, 2000

    A Whack at PWAC

    The City of Miami and developers are targeting an AIDS group's venerable thrift store

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    May 11, 2000
  • City Life

    May 11, 2000

    Best Charity

    Food for Life Network

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    December 16, 1999

    Fight for Your White to Party

    White Party Week is one of the nation's biggest AIDS fundraisers and wildest bashes -- a problem or a godsend, depending on whom you ask

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    October 28, 1999


    Analyze This, Don't Eat It

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    October 21, 1999

    The New Dealers

    They're poor, black, and HIV-positive. Their product? The AIDS medications intended to cure them.

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    August 13, 1998
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    March 5, 1998

    Gone But Maybe Not Forgotten

    What happens to a young artist's work when he or she is struck down by AIDS? Good question.

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    January 29, 1998
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    April 24, 1997

    Lawsuit? What Lawsuit?

    Miami Beach police have no idea why the city paid off a victim of alleged gay bashing

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    January 30, 1997

    A Prisoner of Circumstance

    Rachel Better never worried about her stateless status until the INS locked her up. Then it was too late.

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    August 8, 1996
  • Film

    May 23, 1996
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    August 10, 1995

    Skin Deep

    Don't like your face? Your breasts? Your tummy? Get yourself new ones. Plastic surgeon Ernest DiGeronimo makes the kindest cuts.

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    August 10, 1995

    Scar Tissue

    Critics question Ernest DiGeronimo's credentials and advertising practices

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    June 15, 1995

    Firing Line

    A UM nurse told a patient about a positive preliminary HIV test result -- and that was the last thing she did

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    April 6, 1995


    In the battle against AIDS, some people say shouting is more effective than talking. And if you don't agree, watch out!

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    March 9, 1995
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    September 28, 1994

    Bad Medicine

    He allegedly fondled and caressed patients against their will. AIDS patients. No wonder he is known as Doctor Scumbag.

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    August 18, 1993

    Male Order

    Bruce Wheatley is a man. Bruce Wheatley is a nurse. Bruce Wheatley can't find work as an ob-gyn nurse.

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    July 7, 1993
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    May 5, 1993

    Love (and War) in the Time of HIV

    If you believe your lover infected you with the AIDS virus, what's to stop you from telling the world?

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    March 31, 1993

    King Con Returns

    A bumbling justice system has allowed self-proclaimed AIDS miracle worker Basil Wainwright to continue peddling hope -- with harrowing results

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    June 10, 1992

    All the Ooze That's Fit to Print

    The venerated Weekly World News burns Miami's press with a local model's plastic-surgery meltdown

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    June 3, 1992

    Can You Keep a Secret?

    If it's about John Doe having AIDS, you'd better not talk. You're probably not supposed to know in the first place.

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    November 20, 1991
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    September 11, 1991

    A 4-Gone Conclusion

    You'll never hear anything bad about the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon - at least not on the station that airs it

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    July 18, 1990
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