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    February 4, 2010

    Bad Day For Miami Beach Cops: ACLU Lawsuit, Contract Fights, Accusations

    Miami Beach Police Chief Carlos Noriega certainly picked a terrible day to leave the Beach for an out-of-state conference. ​First came a fiery meeting with the City Commission, when the police union decried plans to force them to help make up a city budget deficit. Then, lost amidst the sound ... More >>

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    February 3, 2010

    Video: Beach Cops Go Nuclear, Vow to Boycott Super Bowl Events

    More than 100 Miami Beach Police officers and members of the local Fraternal Order of Police chapter packed into the city commission chambers this afternoon with a simple -- if fiery -- message. The Beach is on its own for security at private Super Bowl events this week. As a protest, Miami Beach ... More >>

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    March 27, 2008

    Apolitical Theater

    Iraq War movie Stop-Loss does its best not to mention the war.

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    December 6, 2001

    Fear and Loathing in la Escuela

    President Eduardo Padron has instituted an impressive program of intimidation at Miami-Dade Community College

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    April 6, 2000

    Nursing a Grudge

    The Jackson Memorial nurses' union is troubled by controversy about everything from bad accounting to homophobia

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    May 7, 1998

    Schoolyard Bully

    Metro-Dade Community College president Eduardo Padron has won a reputation as a take-charge leader -- and an intellectual thug