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    October 31, 2014

    The Rum Line Opens November 6: Flaming Scorpion Bowls and Panther Coffee Cocktails

    The Rum Line, the Caribbean-inspired bar that features (as the name implies) rum-centric cocktails, opens on Thursday, November 6. The outdoor cocktail lounge, located adjacent to Lure Fishbar at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, is owned by New York City restaurateurs John McDonald, Joshua Pickard, an ... More >>

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    August 1, 2014

    The Good of Miami Spice 2014, Part One

    Another steamy summer, another Miami Spice. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau is back with the oft-beloved, sometimes maligned dining deals that help fill restaurants during the slow summer months and give less well-to-do diners a way to eat in the city's most lavish spots at a fraction ... More >>

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    March 19, 2014

    Deadmau5 Selling Sea-Doo Sparks on South Beach, Playing Free Show at Fontainebleau

    Deadmau5 digs water sports? Who would've guessed ... But it's true. All week, the main Mau5, a mischief of look-alikes, and his buddies at Sea-Doo will be zipping around off the shores of South Beach to promote the new Spark personal watercraft. Now, it's cool and everything that Deadmau5 enjoys ... More >>

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    February 24, 2014

    SOBEWFF: Trisha Yearwood Cooks and Sings at Southern Kitchen Brunch (Video)

    Lee Brian Schrager, the founder and organizer of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival declared on stage the Southern Kitchen Brunch is one of his most beloved events. "I don't know if it's because it's so pretty, because some of the best food of the weekend is here, or because it has one of my favor ... More >>

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    February 17, 2014

    Trisha Yearwood on Her Cooking Show: "It's Smart to Stick With What You Know"

    Trisha Yearwood is country music royalty. Married to superstar Garth Brooks, the Grand Ole Opry member shot to fame in the early 1990's and has since sold over 12.5 million albums worldwide, won three Grammys, three Country Music Association Awards, and performed at the White House during President ... More >>

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    November 27, 2013

    Lure Fishbar: SoHo Comes to SoBe on December 2

    Lure Fishbar, the latest New York restaurant to open a SoBe outpost, opens its doors at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel on Monday, December 2. The restaurant is a collaboration between restaurateurs John McDonald and Joshua Pickard, along with Lure Fishbar Chef/Partner Josh Capon. McDonald and Pickard' ... More >>

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    October 25, 2013

    Lure Fishbar at Loews Miami Beach to Open in November

    Lure Fishbar is scheduled to open this November in the former Emeril's space at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel,. This is the second Lure Fishbar to open, with the New York flagship receiving praise for its innovative takes on classic seafood dishes, including a spot on Forbes' 2010 All-Star Eateries ... More >>

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    July 26, 2013

    Taste of the Nation South Florida: Chefs and Locals Feed Hungry Kids

    Taste of the Nation, the annual event to end childhood hunger in America took place last night in the grand Americana ballroom at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. It was an evening filled with lots of food, drinks, chefs, and prizes. The event was followed by a Chef After Party where chefs and VIP tic ... More >>

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    July 19, 2013

    Taste of the Nation South Florida: Save 40% on Tickets With Voice Daily Deals

    If you want to dine on culinary creations from some of South Florida's best chefs and help fight childhood hunger at the same time, then come out to Share Our Strength's Taste of the Nation South Florida Thursday, July 25, from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Taste of the Nation featur ... More >>

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    February 19, 2013

    Martha Stewart Talks SoBeWFF, Love of Florida, and Vegetarian Meals

    For more on the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, check out New Times' Taste guide, hitting newsstands Thursday, February 21. Martha Stewart is the woman who does it all. Just reading her list of accomplishments -- author of 77 books, host of an Emmy-winning television show, and founder of Mart ... More >>

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    January 1, 2013

    December 2012 Restaurant Openings and Closings

    The last month of the new year saw a lot of anticipated 2012 restaurants opening under the wire. Ralph Pagano's Alba at Sole On The Ocean provides classic Italian cuisine and fresh seafood with a panoramic ocean view to the northernmost parts of Miami and Miami Beach. Although the official opening i ... More >>

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    June 28, 2012
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    June 28, 2012

    Miami Spice Draws The Line: A Fish Called Avalon Is Luxury, Makoto Is Not?

    Miami Spice Price Rise in 2012As soon as the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau announced last month that it would be raising the Miami Spice price $4 for the "luxury" class of restaurants, and dropping the price $2 for those establishments deemed merely "fine dining"...well, I knew it w ... More >>

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    May 17, 2012
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    December 20, 2011

    2011 Prediction Check: Fewer Food Trucks and Boutique Burgers, More Organic

    ‚ÄčAs I dust off my trusty Ouija board in preparation for the Miami dining predictions of 2012, it seems only fair to look back on how I fared on my prognostications of one year ago. On quick glance, it might appear I did rather poorly. Upon deeper reflection, it still might seem as though I should ... More >>

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    June 8, 2011

    Emeril's Miami Beach to Close

    Emeril Lagasse will close his South Beach restaurant...but will be back for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival‚ÄčEmeril's Miami Beach, the southernmost outlet of Chef Emeril Lagasse's restaurant empire, will permanently close on August 7, after its last dinner service. Opened in Novembe ... More >>

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    June 2, 2011
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    September 16, 2009

    Protesters at Loews Hotel Have Two Reasons to Wave Signs

    via flicker cc​It keeps happening in Miami Beach. Cops pull up, tell demonstrators to put away their bullhorns, and to stop banging those drums. Then an officer whips out a small pad of paper and writes a noise code violation. That's how it went on three occasions in front of Loews Miami Beach ... More >>

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    July 22, 2009

    Random Survey: What's the Cheapest Thing On The Menu in Miami Restaurants? Now With Stupid Questions

    image via SqueakyMarmot's flickr If you've never visited our restaurant database we have hundreds and hundreds of listings with addresses, telephone numbers, websites and other info for restaurants all over Dade County.From time to time Short Order uses that information to conduct random surveys. We ... More >>

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    October 27, 2005
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    September 1, 2005
  • Dining

    December 11, 2003

    Side Dish

    See how well you know our culinary scene

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    October 30, 2003

    Season Opener Part II: The Comeback Kids

    Get ready, this season is dishing up a lot of new restaurants

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    July 24, 2003

    Share Our Cents

    Making nice in Miami can mean chowing down for the hungry

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    June 5, 2003

    Beating Whitey II

    Around and around on the MIAB/black-owned hotel deal

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    May 22, 2003

    Still in the Hood

    Can Ray "Benzino" Scott's new hip-hop club survive his reputation?

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    March 20, 2003

    The No Show Chef

    What fun would a festival be if top international chefs like Gordon Ramsay behaved themselves?

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    February 27, 2003

    A Cabbie's Crusade

    Javier Peña is a maverick cabbie on a mission to turn the notorious Miami taxi industry into a respectable profession. So far he's been threatened, shot at, fined, and fired. In other words, he's making progress.

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    February 6, 2003

    Beating Whitey

    Developer Donahue Peebles is as handsome, smooth, articulate, & nasty as he needs to be

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    December 12, 2002
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    November 21, 2002

    Jackass the Man

    Johnny Knoxville hangs at South Beach's Club Deuce, stumbles through the MTV Latin video awards, and laughs at it all

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    November 14, 2002

    Naughty, Naughty Cognac

    The French liqueur puts S&M and South Beach to work on a new ad campaign

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    April 25, 2002

    Oops, She Did It Again!

    Miami Beach has two sets of laws -- one for Britney Spears, one for the rest of us

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    April 11, 2002

    We Won't Get Fooled Again

    Is Luther Campbell really Miami Beach's Memorial Day savior?

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    July 5, 2001

    It's a Hip-Hop World

    And thanks to hotshot entrepreneur David Mays, it'll soon be returning to Miami Beach

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    May 17, 2001

    When E-Prophecy Fails

    Fortunes and jobs are lost, but the allure of revolution remains

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    March 1, 2001

    Marley's Mixed Message

    Shoot the sheriff, shoot the breeze, stand up, get down, whatever

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    November 30, 2000

    Lots of Contention

    Quik Park's Hank Sopher has made a quick buck from garages and vacant lots. Now politicians are wondering if he's selling the public short.

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    May 18, 2000


    Bar some: What's fueling SoBe's underage-drinking crackdown?

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    March 9, 2000


    The Truth About Parrilladas

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    February 10, 2000

    Side Dish

    Heeere's Johnny and Hillary 2000

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    July 15, 1999

    Designing Craig

    Craig Robins has built a reputation as the good developer. Just ask him.