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    October 16, 2014

    Win Free Tickets for Capital Cities at Grand Central Miami

    "In some ways, yes. In some ways, no." That's how Capital Cities' Ryan Merchant feels about his and bandmate Sebu Simonian's so-called "overnight success." As he pointed out to Crossfade a few months ago, the duo's biggest hit, "'Safe and Sound' was put out in 2011, so it actually feels like kind ... More >>

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    July 8, 2014

    22 Richest Pop Stars of 2014

    Pop stars. They're so rich it makes our brain hurt. The rest of us toil day in and day out for a yearly salary that these pretty-faced bastards would spend on shoes. Still, we all want to watch these guys live the lives that we never will, which in turn funds the whole spectacle. Oh well. Things ar ... More >>

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    July 7, 2014

    Katy Perry - The Prismatic World Tour - Miami

    Katy Perry's The Prismatic World Tour Capital Cities and Ferras American Airlines Arena, Miami Friday, July 3, 2014 Fun Fact: A Katy Perry concert is a strange thing. When we told people we were going to see the diva that is KP, we got a few different reactions -- pure confusion, disgust, or je ... More >>

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    July 2, 2014

    Capital Cities on Touring With Katy Perry and Life Getting "Chaotic and Crazy"

    One minute, you're writing commercial jingles with your buddies. The next, you're touring the United States as the opening act for Katy Perry. Alright, a career jump like that doesn't really take 60 seconds. It actually took Capital Cities' Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian about four years, followin ... More >>

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    June 30, 2014

    Five Best Concerts in Miami This Week

    It's Fourth of July week, y'all! That means a four-day work week for most of us working citizens! So show off your red, white, and blue pride, bring out those stars and stripes, and celebrate 218 years of freedom with the five best concerts going down this week, from Katy Perry at the AAA to Dats ... More >>

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    November 27, 2013

    How I Accidentally Became a Drug Dealer

    [Editor's Note: In his column Serrano Time, award-winning scribe and goofball Shea Serrano writes about his life and times.] The biggest concern in my life recently is that every show on my DVR is the regular definition version, rather than the high definition version. As you can see, things have a ... More >>

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    November 6, 2013

    Katy Perry's "Roar": Why This Song Sucks

    [Editor's Note: In his new column, Serrano Time, award-winning goofball Shea Serrano writes about his life and times. Better put on your shoes, because your socks are about to be blown off.] History: Katy Perry was born in 1984, except back then people called her "Katy Hudson" because that's her re ... More >>

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    May 17, 2013

    Mugshots Friday: The Ol' Purple Eyebrow

    Every Friday, Riptide brings you the most eye-catching mugshots taken the previous week (or thereabouts) in Miami-Dade County. Yes, there is some mockery of bad neck tattoos, but also adulation directed at perps who just plain look more badass than we ever will. This is the italicized intro to that ... More >>

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    February 11, 2013

    Ten Reasons the Grammys Actually Didn't Suck

    We're experiencing a lot of weird feelings right now. We're not exactly sure how to cope with these emotions. But they say the first step to getting over your problem is admitting you have one. So deep breath ... Here we go. We actually enjoyed the 55th annual Grammy Awards. OMG, please don't ju ... More >>

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    January 31, 2013
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    January 23, 2013

    Top Ten Pop Twitter Twats: From Bruno to Britney and Bieber

    The battle of the mindless pop star drones is real and gory, and the bloody fields of war are found on constantly refreshing Twitter feeds. Lady Gaga and her little monsters have just been unseated as the most obnoxious and numerous fans on the planet. Justin Bieber and his army of Beliebers have s ... More >>

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    December 26, 2012

    Dumbest Shit in Music 2012!

    Let's face it. The world of music is a really dumb place, and we should know. Here at Crossfade, we spend the majority of our time sifting through the deserted wasteland of pop culture, and it ain't lookin' too good out there. This year felt like a particularly dumb year too. Maybe it was all this ... More >>

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    October 2, 2012

    Six Richest Ladies in the Music Business: From Katy Perry to Rihanna and Britney Spears

    Who's that get-it girl rakin' in all those millions? Forbes just released its list of filthiest rich bitches, counting down the leading ladies with the most cake. No surprise, Oprah tops the chart. But six musically inclined females nestled up behind her. Well, about $100 million behind. So which ... More >>

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    September 7, 2012

    MTV Video Music Awards 2012's Big Winners and Even Bigger Losers

    If, last night, you shouted, "Screw crappy pop!" and chose Barack, then you've probably got no effing idea who won and lost at the MTV Video Music Awards. Luckily, we here at Crossfade own a DVR. So while watching Obama goin' hard at the Democratic National Convention, we were also keeping track of ... More >>

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    September 6, 2012
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    August 24, 2012

    Beacon on Covering Katy Perry: "We Came to Know Nothing of Her From the Music"

    Katy Perry sings catchy songs, likes candy, wears fun outfits, and will cure your acne via mail order. But if Katy Perry is the one thing keeping you from enjoying Katy Perry's music, Beacon's got the solution for you. The Brooklyn-based duo's Thomas Mullarney and Jacob Gossett are picking up a l ... More >>

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    July 31, 2012

    MTV Announces Video Music Awards Nominees, Snub Rick Ross

    Like the History Channel, MTV is lying about itself. Despite their respective names, programming is anything but historical or musical. For example, Teen Mom and Snooki and JWoww are reality-ish shows, and they're light-years away from MTV's traditional business model built around a 24-hour music ... More >>

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    July 30, 2012

    Is John Mayer Making His Weird Faces in Katy Perry's Bedroom?

    It's on! Guitar-slingin' Petri dish John Mayer is supposedly dating Katy Perry. Hearing about this combination of America's favorite sugar-frosted singer and Mayer is about as appetizing as munching on a strawberry Pop Tart that's been used as a urinal cake. According to, Mayer ha ... More >>

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    July 13, 2012

    Eight Richest Musicians in Their Teens and 20s

    See also "The 15 Richest Musicians: From Jay-Z to Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Dr. Dre." Just two months after naming "World's Most Powerful Celebrities," Forbes is back on the arbitrary list beat and ranking the "Highest-Paid Stars under 30." Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber made a combined $122 mi ... More >>

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    July 11, 2012

    Cookie Monster Sings "Share It Maybe" (Video)

    Carly Rae Jepsen's ode to romance-novel covers features the singer fantasizing about her buff, tattooed gardener. The song was Katy Perry-cute and pretty forgettable once you were out of the car.We guess, however, the tune got trapped inside the small one-track mind of a certain sweets-loving monste ... More >>

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    May 16, 2012

    The 15 Richest Musicians: From Jay-Z to Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Dr. Dre

    Forbes just released its list of the "World's Most Powerful Celebrities," a somewhat arbitrary compilation that ranks everyone from athletes to movie stars to radio personalities "based on entertainment-related earnings plus media visibility (exposure in print, television, radio and online)." Acco ... More >>

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    November 10, 2011
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    July 26, 2011

    Ten Pop Topics That Need a Beavis and Butt-Head Bunghole Ripping

    MTV.comYou might remember Beavis and Butt-Head as the greatest minds of Generation X. The adolescent twosome took a hard look at '90s music videos. They were thoughtful cultural commentators who said "huh, huh, huh" a bunch.The goofy duo are returning to television this October. And creator Mike Jud ... More >>

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    July 21, 2011

    Ten Reasons the MTV Video Music Awards Are a Total Joke

    ​The MTV Video Music Awards are a sham. Every year, the network interrupts its regularly scheduled scraping-the-barrel reality television programming to pretend that there are people over at MTV who actually listen to music. To soften the blow of turning its focus away from pregnant teens and p ... More >>

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    June 9, 2011
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    June 9, 2011

    Tiny Pop Star Terra Jole is Mini-Gaga and Mini-Britney! And Wait, She's Mini-Katy Too!

    Karl Giant​At four feet, two inches tall, Terra Jole is definitely one of the tinier pop stars in the game. Though she makes her living impersonating big names like Gaga, Britney, and now Katy Perry, she's a true talent, performing all of these pop goddesses' songs live onstage. When Jole's not ... More >>

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    April 28, 2011

    Caligula Brings the Wobble for The Corruption Mixtape

    ​The wobbly bass line is just as important to dupstep as analog sounds were to French electro-house. So you can't fault Caligula, the local dynamic duo of Obi Tawil and Mike Larson, for always featuring it prominently. However, with The Rise EP, which was released in March, Tawil and Larson ... More >>

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    March 24, 2011

    The Overthrow's Ivory Tower at the 1111 Building, March 23

    ​After this initially funny article in the New York Times, parties continue to roll on in South Beach at World's Fanciest Parking Garage -- i.e. the Herzog & de Meuron-designed 1111 building at the corner of Lincoln and Alton Roads. To be fair, for a parking garage, it's pretty beautiful.Yeste ... More >>

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    March 15, 2011

    Five Crap Pop Hits Worse Than Rebecca Black's "Friday"

    Is Rebecca Black really pop music's worst offender?​Six million of you have already endured it. Gawker asked if it was "the worst music video ever." Meanwhile, foreign press like The Sydney Morning Herald wonders why it has overtaken the Japanese earthquake and tsunami devastation on Twitter.Of co ... More >>

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    February 28, 2011

    Who Wants a Free CD Full of Katy Perry, Pitbull, and Wacka Flocka Flame Hits?

    NOW That's What I Call Pop Appeal!​If you're the kind of weirdo who still owns a "compact disc player," then you're probably also the kind of weirdo who still listens to "commercial pop radio." Well, amazing news for you! We're giving away two new CDs from the ubiquitous NOW compilation series. ... More >>

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    February 11, 2011

    Miami DJ Josh LeCash Takes on Tacos, Mexican Tweens, and Katy Perry

    It's Le'Cash ... say it right!​Miami isn't a city in need of superstar DJs. On any given night in any given nightclub, big-shot disc jocks flock to this Magic City for hot chicks, endless bottle service, and the best nightlife this side of Ibiza. So what's stopping a 24-year-old Florida native wi ... More >>

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    February 10, 2011

    IDMA 2011 Nominees Announced and Crossfade Picks the Winners

    James Murphy deserves an IDMA or two.​Every year, coinciding with Winter Music Conference, the International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs) recognizes those who make electronic music great. Sure, it's not exactly the Grammys or MTV's Video Music Awards. But dammit, it's a homegrown awards show and tha ... More >>

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    December 13, 2010

    Jingle Ball 2010 Gets Katy Perry, Enrique Iglesias, B.O.B. Together for the Holidays

    Photo by Sayre BermanKaty Perry is a naughty Santa.​Miami seemed to be in a post-Basel slump this weekend. Things were eerily quiet. Still, there was the Y100 Jingle Ball at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise. The annual holiday concert brought together a who's who of chart-toppers including Kat ... More >>

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    December 9, 2010
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    October 21, 2010
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    August 18, 2010

    Producer Greg Wells Says New Rachel Goodrich Album Finished

    Rachel Goodrich​Last year, we told you how music producer Greg Wells (Katy Perry, Mika, Pink, Rufus Wainwright, Deftones, and more) had been working with local musician Rachel Goodrich on her follow-up to Tinker Toys. Recent, Wells tweeted an update saying, "The new @Rachel_Goodrich record is done ... More >>

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    August 9, 2010

    Dolphins to Hold Practice Tonight at Sun Life Stadium (Update: No They Won't)

    The Robot Chad Henne​If this past Saturday's seven-on-seven scrimmage is any indication, the Miami Dolphins will go 0-16 and then explode. In a nutshell, the new-look offense starring wide receiver Brandon Marshall was atrocious. Even though Marshall has been dominant during practices, he finished ... More >>

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    July 15, 2010

    Video: Katy Perry's "California Gurls," Done South Florida Style

    We still prefer our South Florida sunshine, Ms. Perry.​You've probably heard -- no, you have heard -- Katy Perry's inescapable new collaboration with Snoop Dogg, the catchy, Dr. Luke-created "California Gurls." And though Floridians can relate a lot to some of Perry's lyrics about sunny weather an ... More >>

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    July 8, 2010

    Creepy Old Men Star in Most Disturbing "California Gurls" Parody Ever

    ​Normally, we wouldn't endorse a viral video that includes lyrics like "Sipping gin and prunes/Constipated by the palm trees (can't dump)," but this parody of Katy Perry's "California Gurls" goes beyond the base lyrics into some sort of surreal and deeply disturbing world that'll probably haunt yo ... More >>

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    June 17, 2010

    Travie McCoy Added to Rihanna Tour; Miami Date at American Airlines Arena July 31

    via his MySpace​We're not sure exactly what it is, but there's something about Travie McCoy's comical lyrical stylings that just draws us in. He had us at pancakes when the video for "Cupid's Chokehold" first came out in '06 -- and the Katy Perry cameo didn't hurt, either. (As everyone knows, they ... More >>

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    October 15, 2009

    Dear Russian Red, I Love You...

    ​Dear Russian Red,I want to take this opportunity to proclaim my love for you. I want to shout it from the digital mountaintops, Russian Red, for all the Internet to know. No, not in that pervy admiring you from the cybernetic afar sort of way. Nor in that cute infatuation befitting of a teenager ... More >>

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    October 15, 2009

    Lady Gaga Celebrating New Year's Eve at James L. Knight Center

    ​Pop-singer and fashionista Lady Gaga will be coming to the James L. Knight Center in Miami December 31. The diva's recent tour with Kanye West fell through because West "needed a break." Can West just drop out of the limelight for a few months? Get his ego in check?She counts Madonna and Marilyn ... More >>

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    May 7, 2009
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    April 30, 2009

    Last Night: Katy Perry at Revolution Live

    Logan FazioKaty Perry performing at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale Wednesday night. Click here to view the full slide show.Katy PerryWednesday, April 29, 2009Revoluton, Fort LauderdaleKaty Perry is annoying. There's no getting around it. I went to her sold-out show at Revolution Wednesday night with ... More >>

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    April 23, 2009
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    December 24, 2008

    Hitsville: The Year in Music, by the Numbers

    You don't need a half-wit music critic to tell you it's been a remarkable year for America, one historians will be discussing and researching for centuries to come. War, financial collapse, politics, technology: All have been dinner-table topics for many Americans. Racial barriers in 2008 were demo ... More >>

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    December 22, 2008

    Katy Perry Concert Date at Revolution Changed

    (Insert bad joke about Katy Perry being "hot and cold" about when she wants to play Ft. Lauderdale. )Whatever; the basic facts are thus: Katy Perry was originally scheduled to play Revolution as part of her debut headlining tour on Monday, April 27. That date has now been moved two days later, to We ... More >>

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    December 19, 2008

    Worst Lyrics of 2008

    And now it's time for the "I love you like a fat kid loves cake" memorial Worst Lyrics of 2008, March Madness-style tournament, this year a terrifying mélange of appalling oral-sex requests, bargain-bin philosophies, grammatical atrocities, and cringe-inducing pillow talk. To elevate the drama, I p ... More >>

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    July 24, 2008

    Katy Perry

    One of the Boys (Capitol)

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