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    August 5, 2011

    Matt Drudge Attacks Obama's Birthday Party, Possibly Thinks Stevie Wonder Is a Gangster Rapper

    ​President Barack Obama is 50! Fifty years old! Last night he celebrated the milestone with a group of political allies, close friends, a few celebrities, and musical guests. It was a far more restrained affair than President Bill Clinton's 50th birthday bash in 1996, but Miami-based conservative ... More >>

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    January 4, 2010

    Move Over, Limbaugh and Drudge, There's a New Head Wingnut

    via True/Slant​Whether you like it or not, South Florida is home base for two of America's most influential conservatives. You've got the reclusive Matt Drudge, who takes time out of listening to Junior Vasquez records somewhere in Miami Beach to update the DrudgeReport, and you've got Rush Limbau ... More >>

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    April 23, 2009
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    April 13, 2009

    Matt Drudge Makes Out's Gay Power List

    Here is how your basic "Matt Drudge is a homosexual" gossip item reads: "I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that Drudge is totally gay" and then that person cites an interview Drudge gave to New Times in 2001, one of the few personal interviews Drudge has ever given. "So just because I l ... More >>

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    December 6, 2008

    Last Night: Panda Bear and No Age at Karu & Y

    Art Damage with Panda Bear and No Age Friday, December 5Karu & Y, Downtown Miami Better Than: Everything happening that night on the planet Earth if you happen to take Pitchfork or College radio charts as the gospel. The Review: The rumors of a No Age/Panda Bear double bill during Basel begin ... More >>

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    October 13, 2005

    Sound Plus Vision

    UK house DJ Steve Lawler brings his multimedia extravaganza to the Magic City

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    March 17, 2005

    Hit Parade

    Our annual nonscientific tip sheet for WMC/M3's breakout tracks

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    April 25, 2002

    Name Game

    Dance stars Funky Green Dogs might hype California, but they're all Miami

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    January 17, 2002

    Booth Less Traveled

    Victor Calderone seeks a new music mix

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    June 28, 2001

    The Drudge Retort

    Democrats hate him. Journalists scorn him. Most Americans ignore him. Which is fine with Matt Drudge. He's taking it to the bank.

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    March 29, 2001

    The House That Junior Built

    Junior Vasquez has made DJ history, but he's not ready to close the book yet

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    June 24, 1999
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    November 26, 1998

    Night and Day

    NOV. 26-DEC.2

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    October 29, 1998
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    October 15, 1998

    Night & Day

    October 15 - 21, 1998

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    October 31, 1996