Josh Lucas

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    March 19, 2012

    Jessica Simpson's Slutty Brownies: Try Fat Bastards, Dirty Olives and Filthy Pickles!

    ​Remember Nick and Jessica on MTV's Newlyweds? There were Jessica's questions such as, "Is this chicken, what I have or is it tuna?" referring to the label on a tuna can that read "Chicken of the Sea" or when she asked whether Buffalo wings were really wings from the buffalo? The show ended after ... More >>

  • Film

    January 12, 2006

    Bet on Black

    Glory Road relives the season college hoops smashed the color barrier

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    May 26, 2005

    Excess Hollywood

    Some interesting horror flicks, a couple of relationship movies, and plenty of action save summer from sequels

  • Film

    October 16, 2003

    Holmes Fried

    Wonderland's tale of a porn star's decline might have had resonance if any of it felt real

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    September 26, 2002

    The South Falls, Again

    Reese Witherspoon goes home to Alabama, and it ain't sweet

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    August 23, 2001

    The Living End

    From the directors of Suture comes a new film noir that's more deep than dead