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    July 21, 2014

    Miami's Ten Best Uncategorizable Bands of All Time

    South Florida has long been a creative refuge for varied musical genres that have grown with little outside influence and a decidedly Floridian twist. This can be seen in our punk rock, metal, rap, and jazz. Another of the better aspects of Miami's music scene has always been the relative freedom ... More >>

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    December 2, 2011

    Miami Cops and FHP Troopers Try to Bury the Hatchet With A Softball Game

    ​How do you smooth over a cop-on-trooper feud that's escalated from high speed chases to retaliatory arrests to dumping five tons of human feces onto an official police vehicle?If you're the Miami Police Department and the Florida Highway Patrol, you settle the simmering beef the old fashioned way ... More >>

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    November 22, 2011

    Construction Worker Jose Perez Shot and Killed Coworker While 'Playing' With Gun

    ​Horsing around with a coworker on an active construction site already seems like a fairly terrible idea -- but when the play-fighting includes a real knife and an accidentally loaded gun, the game is downright fatal. Police now say that's exactly what went down at an abandoned lot in El Portal ye ... More >>

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    May 10, 2001

    Class Act

    If you want to know where many of Miami's social and political elite got their start, check the playgrounds at Belén

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    October 23, 1997

    The Candidate

    Xavier Suarez on the campaign trail: A pair of fifteen-dollar shoes and cures for all Miami's ills

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    March 25, 1992